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As the Royal Historical Society of Victoria has done, History Monash Inc extends its deepest sympathies to the Royal Family and the members of the British nation and the Commonwealth on the death of Queen Elizabeth II. History Monash echoes the sentiment of the RHSV President, Richard Broome AM, in expressing our greatest thanks and respect for the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

As Richard Broome also said, “For seventy years, this gracious Queen has underpinned the political stability of multiple administrations in Britain and Australia. She has been a shining beacon of tolerance and restraint in a world so given over to anger. She has also been an exemplar to so many Victorians, especially to young women, that they could achieve great things and be better people.”

Many members of History Monash Inc will have their own memories of Queen Elizabeth II, including, as we discussed at our Annual General Meeting, of seeing her during her visit to Melbourne in 1954.

History Monash sees this as a sad and historic time that has revealed ancient protocols around notification of the death of a monarch and the mourning period and funeral.

May Queen Elizabeth II rest in peace.

History Monash Inc recognises King Charles III as Australia’s Head of State and wishes him well.