Welcome to History Monash


History Monash Inc invites you to participate in five walks around the Oakleigh area:

Walk One:  Oakleigh’s heritage precinct

Walk Two:  Around Oakleigh railway station

Walk Three:  Oakleigh commercial buildings

Walk Four:  Atkinson Street/Dandenong Road Precinct

Walk Five:  Hughesdale (formerly South Oakleigh).

Note:  some of the buildings in these walks have been modified since their establishment.  Many are private businesses and residences – please approach these thoughtfully.

For further information, please email [email protected]

We hope that you enjoy these walks.

Walk One Oakleigh heritage precinct

Walk Two Around Oakleigh railway station

Walk Three Oakleigh commercial buildings

Walk Four Atkinson Street and Dandenong Road precinct

Walk Five Hughesdale