History Monash Inc held a launch of this exhibition on 24 October 2019. Guests included Steve Dimopoulos, MLA for Oakleigh; Monash City Council Deputy Mayor, Cr Brian Little and Councillor Josh Fergeus; Doug Pendergast, the President of the Oakleigh-Carnegie RSL, and the executives of several local RSLs. It was a special thrill to have in attendance four veterans whose stories are told on panels in the exhibition: Ted Young (World War II), Doug Pendergast (Malaya), Neil Smith (Vietnam) and Dave Thompson (Iraq). It was also an honour to include former servicewoman Lorna Paterson. Along with Lorna’s own World War II service, her Oakleigh family has generations of military service. The HM Inc committee is looking forward to sharing these stories at its Members’ and Friends’ evening on Tuesday 19 November 2019.

The four veterans in front of the panels telling their stories:

L-R:  Steve Dimopoulos MP; Doug Pendergast, Oakleigh-Carnegie RSL President; Helen Gobbi, History Monash Vice-President; Ann Nield, History Monash President.