Research and Fees

Research at MFC

The collection of History Monash Inc. is held at the Monash Federation Centre (MFC). The collection includes records, books, journal articles, photographs, maps, rate records, newspapers, research notes, artefacts, Oakleigh General Cemetery lists and local history information.

Not all records or photographs are originals and some are under restricted access or copyright limitation.

Requests to research the collection need to identify the area of interest and are to be made by applying to the Collections Manager, History Monash Inc. for appointment during opening hours of the Centre.

Provision of research and fees

For basic enquiries which can be satisfied from a brief search by either staff of the Monash Federation Centre or History Monash Inc., no fee is charged.

For more detailed research of its collection undertaken by History Monash Inc. a fee based on an hourly rate is charged to cover retrieval and handling of records and compiling of a report for the enquiry. A quote will be offered prior to conducting any research.  Research and reports are conducted by a local historian approved by the Committee of History Monash Inc., as its researcher.