Donating to the Society

Cash donations are very welcome, whether small or large. Even not-for-profit societies like ours need funds – and with our extensive and growing Collection, archival materials alone are several hundred dollars a year.

To arrange and develop community exhibitions can take many hours, but we also need funds to print boards, prepare display cases and do a little local marketing.  So if you have some spare cash why not make a deposit into our account with our supporting Bendigo Bank at Pinewood or drop into the Centre to give a donation first hand?

Or make a donation direct into our account

EFT (Electronic Funs transfer) Our Bank details are:
Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633-000
Account: 160 085 965

Reference (Your Full Name)

Every dollar donated helps the Society to meet its goals of preserving local history for current and future generations.



You can contribute to the long-term collection, preservation and promotion of our local history and cultural heritage by remembering History Monash Inc in your Will.

In doing so, you can make our local heritage part of your legacy to your community and family.

You will be supporting the nurturing and development of the Society for future generations of people who share your respect for our members and their work.

You may simply leave an untied bequest to the Society to maintain its diverse activities, or you may specify a purpose, such as ‘for the development and preservation of the collection in all its forms’.

You may also indicate how you would like your name and contribution to be remembered.

There is no obligation to notify the Society that you are leaving a gift in your will, but we would be delighted to know so that we may ensure that your generosity is acknowledged in your lifetime.

The following wording may be used as a guide:



the residue or (percentage) % of the residue of my estate;


the sum of $(amount); OR (specified items), in aid of the Society and for its general purposes.

The written acknowledgement of the Society is to be accepted by my executors as a full and complete discharge.’

Your solicitor can provide further assistance and advice, especially if you wish to add a Codicil rather than draw up a new Will.